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Żurek (polish sour rye soup) - from soup powder

5 minute bran bread roll

Applepie - aromatic on crispy bottom

Baked potatoes

Baked topinambuor

Banana & oat cookies (2 ingredient cookies)

Banana ice cream

Banana-chocolate milkshake

Banana-chocolate-strawberry milkshake

Barszcz biały (Polish sour wheat soup) - from soup powder

Barszcz czerwony (red borscht)

Barszcz czerwony (red borscht) - Old Polish version

Beef / pork steaks

Bigos (polish meat stew)

Blackberries with table cream

Bran omelette

Broccoli soup - from soup powder

Caffee latte

Caffee latte marzipan (with Ritter Sport)

Cappuccino - with 12% cream

Chłodnik / cooler soup (sour cream version)

Chłodnik / cooler soup (yoghurt version)

Chłodnik na barszczu / cooler soup based on borscht

Chanterelle sauce

Chanterelle soup with pork - from soup powder

Chanterelle soup with pumpkin - from soup powder

Chicken from Antilles (coconut milk, pineapple, turmeric)

Chicken in cream

Chicken in honey with pistachio cooler (recipe from Lidl)

Chicken in milk&honey sauce

Chicken rolls with garlic butter

Chicken salad with broccoli and kohlrabi

Chicken soup with sweet corn and beans

Chicken: "Freckled" chicken

Chicken: Grilled chicken

Chicken: Roasted chicken in vegetables

Chinese cuisine: Rice with vegetables, chicken and shrimps

Chinese cuisine: Stir-fry

Chinese cuisine: Sweet chicken with rice

Chinese cuisine: Two-flavour meat with rice


Colourful salad (chinese leaf, radish, hot dog sausage)

Creamy cauliflower casserole

Cucumber soup with hotdog sausages - from soup powder

Delux forest fruit kompot

Dill sauce

Egg salad

Fish in natural sauce

Fish: Fried fish

Fish: Fried fish with rice and vegetables

French omelette (from 4 eggs)

Fried chicken with lettuce in mayo-honey-mustard sauce

Fried rice with a bit of frozen vegs

Fried rice with a bit of frozen vegs and shrimps/fish/chicken

Fruit soup

Garlic & onion sauce

Garlic sauce

Garlic sauce with cucumber

Garlic topping for lettuce


Goulash for polish Potato pancakes a la Hungary

Graham bread roll

Grochówka (pea soup) - from frozen vegetable mix

Herring salad in layers

Herring with onion

Homemade bullion

Homemade radish cream cheese

Homemade wheat bread

Homemade wheat-rye bread

Ice Tea

Indian 1-pot meal - meat with potatoes and yoghurt

Kapuśniak (sauerkraut soup)

Kapuśniak (sauerkraut soup) witch mushrooms

Kimchi soup

Krupnik (polish barley soup)

Kugelhopf (cake with raisins and almonds)

Lecho (polish: leczo, hungarian: lecsó), with meat and zucchini

Lettuce & pepper in sweet sauce

Lettuce and cucumber in olive oil

Mango & grapes salad

Mizeria (polish salad with cucumber and sour cream)

Nicea salad

Ogórki kiszone (Polish-style cucumbers pickled in brine)

Olive sauce (recipe from Lidl)

Onion soup (recipe from Lidl)

Pasta with bacon and quark

Pasta with smoked bacon and curry

Pasta: Asparagus with pasta, canned ham and cream

Pasta: Spaghetti with bacon and green pea

Pasta: Spaghetti with tuna and sweet red pepper

Pasta: With tuna in pink

Peanut butter cookies

Peelay Chaaval (Turmeric Rice)


Pierogi - mom's recipe

Pierogi fillings - mix

Pierogi's filling: meat with pepper and green bean

Pizza - basic recipe

Pizza sauces

Plum cake

Pork (minced): Cooked meatballs in horseradish&leek sauce

Pork (minced): Gołąbki (polish cabbage rolls)

Pork (minced): Kotlety mielone (polish meatballs)

Pork (minced): Lasagne with leek sauce (recipe from Lidl)

Pork (minced): Pork - pepper - quark paste

Pork (minced): Stuffed peppers (recipe from Lidl)

Pork / Chinese cuisine: Chow Mein with pork and broccoli

Pork / Chinese cuisine: Fried pork tenderloin with vegetables and soya sauce

Pork / Chinese cuisine: Fried pork tenderloin with vegetables, potato flour and soya sauce

Pork / Chinese cuisine: Pork neck with napa cabbage

Pork in cream (yoghurt version)

Pork in natural sauce

Pork loin pockets filled with champignons

Pork soup with baked garlic

Pork steak with green (young) pepper

Pork with red pepper and fennel on wok

Pork: Baked schnitzel in mustard and oats

Pork: Kotlet schabowy (polish fried breaded cutlet)

Pork: Meat + rice in chinese sauce

Pork: Ragout - pork in lemon (recipe from Lidl)

Pork: Ribs in american sauce

Pork: Ribs with savoy cabbage

Pork: Rogan Josh (Beef Curry)

Pork: Schnitzel in oats (recipe from Lidl)

Pork: Steamed pork with couscous and vegs

Pork: Thai red curry

Pork: Zrazy zawijane (meat roulade filled with vegetables and meat)

Potato pancakes

Potato salad (recipe from Lidl)

Potato soup

Potato soup - with pork

Potatoes with fried bacon and sausage

Pumpkin curry

Quark (fresh cheese)

Racuchy (Polish cakes with apple on pan)

Roasted buckwheat with mushrooms

Rosół (polish clear chicken soup) with potatoes

Rye sourdough for bread

Salad in dill sauce with mozzarella

Sauerkraut & apple salad


Shark in jelly (rekin w galarecie)

Shrimps with pasta in garlic butter sauce

Sorrel soup

Soup with potato and smoked fish

Strawberry milkshake (more milk than strawberries)

Strawberry milkshake (more strawberries than milk)

Strawberry mousse by Fuin

Strawberry mousse with sweet cream and yoghurt

Surimi and yoghurt salad (recipe from Lidl)

Tree mushrooms a la schnitzel

Tuna & eggs & pickled cucumber salad

Tuna Greek salad (rice, tuna, sweet pepper, red beans)

Tzatziki - sour cream version

Tzatziki - yoghurt version

Uszka (Polish ear-shaped Christmas pierogi)

Vegetable salad with fish - herring version

Vegetable salad with trout

Wheat bread roll - american style

Wheat mini baguettes with bacon

Wrocław style bread roll