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Chicken salad with broccoli and kohlrabi by

Tags: <30minutes


- chicken breast: 300g
- broccoli: 0.5 head
- kohlrabi: 1 big
- spinach: 50-100g
- pasta: 200g
- olive oil: 3 tbsp + some for frying
- lime juice: 1 tbsp
- salt, white pepper, paprika, wild garlic


1. Cut the chicken and vegetables into more or less the same size parts.
2. Salt broccoli and steam all vegs (kohlrabi on the upper/cooler section).
3. Boil the pasta al dente
4. Fry the chicken on olive oil
5. Mix spices with ingredients except broccoli.
6. Add broccoli and mix gently.

Servings: 4

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