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Here are some of the recipes shared by MyRecipeBook users.

Bruschetta Dip, by juliema
Pimento Cheese Dip, by cpeirson
Butternut Squash Puree Crostini By: Chef Victoria, by JrWomansClubHarringtonPark
Crispy, Oven Baked, Fries, by rebe29cca

Sweet Potato Rolls, by rebe29cca
Focaccia Bread, by Chef_Dan
Oatmeal Bread, by rainfur5
Banana bread with stevia , by Nette

Apple Pie Oatmeal, by Camia
Nielsen Family Pancakes, by Nielsen
Brunch, by KingCook
Protein & Banana Pancakes, by RKPOD

Chocolate Flourless Cake, by SweeterLifeClub
Cream Cheese Icing, by jfairfie
Remarkable Fudge, by jfairfie
Brownies - Mom, by bobodoll

*VEGAN* *RAW* Blueberry Smoothie, by juniperdot
Raspberry-Orange Sunrises, by CCVanB
How to Mix the Simple Syrups with the Eggnog Base, by DebraSue
Double Chocolate Chiip Frappe, by Yahtosh

Main Dishes
Crockpot Beef Stroganoff 2, by Gerri
Thai sweet chili tripe and kidneys, by davidroyburnett
Crab Pie, by Stephanie
Honey Barbeque Pork Chops, by erynn1010

Chicken Salad Oriental, by mrsmooie
Paella Salad, by wjc
Spring Pea Salad, by cpeirson
Easy Macaroni Salad, by milo6456

Alfredo Sauce, by jbookou03
Herbed Tomato Sauce, by Elethia
Worcestershire Sauce, by Pete_
Korean Salsa, by Joestar

Side Dishes
Broccoli Cheddar Casserole, by slbailey5
Zucchini Noodles with Tomatoes and Corn, by ChefNg
Bush's Rockin' Rainbow Pasta, by sherri
Zucchini Casserole - Mom B., by bobodoll

*VEGAN* *RAW* Cinnamon Apples, by juniperdot
Greek "Cheese" Hand Pie, by Treverva
Oreo Fluff, by Brenda5000
Lemon Ice, by caneilson

Moms vegtable beef noodle soup, by Ed
Easy Creamy No-cream Potato Leek Soup, by milo6456
Oma Lentil Soup, by Sadiegrimsby
Potato Soup - IP **, by M_Sheahan

Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Paninis, by rainfur5
Chicken-Bacon Wrap, by vanillaorchid343
Sams deluxe Sandwich , by Sammy
Grown Up Grilled Cheese, by clrizza