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Here are some of the recipes shared by MyRecipeBook users.

Baked Artichoke and Spinach Dip , by rainfur5
Oven Fried Zucchini Chips with Basil Dipping Sauce , by cpeirson
Bacon Cheddar Appetizers, by amyrose15
Cheese ball, by wendyh82

Disney Corn Bread, by Tsuchiya
Home style Parmesan Rolls, by kduvall723
Pizza Monkey Bread, by Abiding
Chicken Dressing, by wdcd1170

Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups, by AncalimonD
French Toast, by trublmkr
Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos, by TRobinson
Spinach, Ham, and Gruyre Frittata, by TRobinson

PERFECT COUPLE PIE, by zookiechubbers
Hot Fudge Pie!, by vivianlea60
Neiman Marcus Bars, by shubie74
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies, by rachelmartha101

French Toast Shake, by befittoday
Frozen Margarita, by caneilson
Mocha Simple Syrup (syrup used with Basic Eggnog), by DebraSue
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake, by befittoday

Main Dishes
Crusty Cheese Baked Chicken, by eremez1
Sweet and Sour Chicken, by CCVanB
hot dogs, by sefitzgerald78
Teriyaki Chicken W/ Pineapple Bowls, by Chef_Dan

Audrey's Spinach Salad, by mrsmooie
Cold Chicken Salad, by Devon
Caprese Salad, by LRichards1
Nicea salad, by varchar

Greek Lamb Marinade , by Abiding
KFC Gravy, by alex
Instant Gravy/Sauce, by imgabbie
Guacamole, by Halle

Side Dishes
Pineapple Salsa (Princeville Resort), by cpeirson
Overnight Mashed Potatoes, by MelodyScherting
Baked Beans , by erynn1010
Brussel Sprouts Cauliflower and Bacon, by M_Sheahan

Creamy peanut butter fudge, by Nette
Paleo Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins, by melc
Martabak Manis / Terang Bulan, by masakmasak
Almond Tarts, by SweeterLifeClub

Rosł (polish clear chicken soup) with potatoes, by varchar
Broccoli Cheese Soup, by hollowbottles
Brown Bag Chili, by wildhjah
Butternut squash Soup, by cpeirson

Beef Salad Sandwich, by iafarmwife
Buffalo Chicken Wraps, by shubie74
Gluten Free Dosa/Roti, by imgabbie
Merry's Chicken Salad, by cpeirson