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Sous Vide Porterhouse by


1.5-2 lbs portherhouse steak
Herb de Provence
Canola oil
Butter (optional)


1. Preheat sous vide to 127F.
2. Season steak on both sides generously with salt, pepper, and herb de provence. Add steak to a gallon zipper bag.
3. Seal the bag with water displacement method or with vacuum sealer.
4. Place bag in water bath at 127F. Cook 90 minutes, 150 if frozen solid.
5. Once time has elapsed, place large, heavy, cast iron skillet over high heat.
6. Remove bag from bath, remove steak from bag, and dry with paper towels.
7. Once cast iron can no longer heat up (should be smoking, likely around 550F or higher), add canola oil to coat bottom of cast iron pan.
8. If desired, toss one Tbsp of butter into the oil
9. Add steak to pan, press down to ensure full contact. Hold for 15 seconds.
10. Flip steak and hold for 15 seconds.
11. Continue flipping steak until steak has cooked for about 2 minutes total.
12. Pick steak up with tongs and sear edges of steak for about 45 seconds total.

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