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Enchilladas by


5 Chicken Fillets - cooked in strips with slight salt & pepper seasoning & sautéed (oil)
White Onion (3/4)
Bell Peppers - Any Colour
Salsa - El Paso Squeezable (full bottle)
Low fat cream cheese - 2 tblspoons
Whole Grain Echillada wraps (6 pack)
Salt & Pepper
Spring Onion


Dice onion and cut bell peppers Juliette
Cook Chicken (w/ seasoning) on frying pan - ensure chicken cut in strips and ensure cooked tenderly
Put onion, peppers, cream cheese, salsa in bowl and mix in chicken when cooked.
Prep enchiladas in row of 6
Spread evenly
Sprinkle low fat cheese on top and spring onion and avocado (sliced)
Cook for 50 mins gas mark 3

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