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Vegan Summer Rolls by


-Firm or extra firm tofu cut into rectangular “steaks”
-Alfalfa Sprouts
-Spring mix lettuce
-Rice paper
-Soy Sauce
-Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette


I am not putting amounts by the ingredients only because you can really stuff it as much or as little as you want. I just like to leave the ingredients out, stuff and roll as I go until I am full!
Directions for tofu:
Cut tofu into rectangle steaks. Marinate for 5 min in a soy sauce/pepper/stevia blend to taste. You can also use another sweetener of choice.
Heat pan, put some oil on the pan (sesame oil is great), and throw minced garlic on there. 2-3 cloves.
Lay tofu slices on the pan. Wait until 1 side is slightly browned before flipping.
Directions for rice paper roll:
Wet the rice paper in a bath of water. I like just filling a large shallow dish with water and leaving it on the table. Then I spin the rice paper like a disc in it until the whole thing is wet front and back.
Put your veggies on. Then your tofu. 4 slices will work great!
Rice paper should be soft and flexible now. Roll like a burrito.
And what dipping sauce did I use? Usually if you mix Hoison sauce with lime and some sriracha, it is HEAVEN! But I didn't have any laying around today (plus it has so much sugar) so I used my fave salad dressing from Trader Joes: Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette! It was perfect.

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