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Almond Orange Anytime Cookies by

Source: Mommie Cooks


1 Stick of Butter
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Can of Almond Filling*
1 Small Orange
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Cups of Flour
1 tsp of Baking Soda
1 Cup of Powdered Sugar
3 Tbsp of Milk
1 tsp of Vanilla (for the frosting)


Start out as any good dessert recipe should; by creaming together your butter and sugar.

Next up you'll add in your can of almond filling, your egg, vanilla, the zest of your orange and juice from 1/2 of the orange squeezed; about 1 tablespoon's worth.

Mix it together well and then add in the flour and the baking soda.

Once you've incorporated the dry ingredients, grab up a cookie sheet, line it with parchment, and spoon out heaping teaspoons of the dough.

Place your cookies in the oven at 350 degrees for 9-11 minutes. Bring them out to cool.

While the cookies are cooling, you'll mix together your powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. Once the cookies are cooled, grab a brush (or the back of a spoon) and glaze the tops of your cookies. If you'd like to be a bit pretty, you can add a few slivered almonds to the top.

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