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Salted Plantains by

Source: Mommie Cooks


3 Plantains
11/2 Cups of Oil
Salt and Garlic Powder to Taste


Start out by peeling your plantains, cutting them in half and slicing them into 1/8" thick pieces.

Pour your oil into a frying pan and heat up good and hot on high heat. Drop in your plantains, 5 or 6 at a time being sure they aren't overlapping each other. Let them cook for about a minute and then remove them from the oil.

Place them on a cutting board or other flat surface and flatten them down. I used the flat end of my meat hammer and that seemed to do the job.

Take the flattened plantains and put them back into the oil for one more minute. When the minute is up, pull them out, lay them on paper towel to drain, and sprinkle both sides with salt and garlic powder.

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