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Apple-Mango Butter Chicken by


--boneless/skinless chicken breasts--cubed.
--2 medium sized onions-diced.
--1 clove garlic finely chopped.
--2-3 carrots-sliced.
--2 stalks of celery-sliced.
--1 large red pepper-coarse diced.
--1 mango-cubed.
--1 granny smith apple diced.
--1 jar of butter chicken sauce.
--1/2 cup half and half cream.
--1 lime(zested).
--1 tblspn curry powder.
--3 bay leaves.
--salt and pepper.
--1 tblspn butter.
--1 tblspn olive oil.


--fry diced chicken with olive oil, garlic, curry powder, S+P,bay leaves, chopped onions and carrots until chicken is thoroughly cooked and carrots are soft. Add in celery, lime zest and 1/2 of lime juice squeezed in, and red pepper,continue cooking until they are softened. Add in cream, butter chicken sauce, butter, simmer on medium for 30mins. (remove bay leaves) Add in the diced apple and mango and simmer until softened. SERVE. Great served with Basmati rice and warm Naan bread.

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