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White Wine and Garlic Chicken Pasta by


-capellini pasta noodles cooked.
-4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts.
-can of chicken broth.
-1 cup chardonnay white wine.
-2 tablespoons butter.
-1 teaspoon dry oregano.
-1 teaspoon dry rosemary.
-1 teaspoon Italian spice.
-3 cloves grated garlic cloves.
-fresh chopped basil.
-3 tablespoons olive oil.
-finely diced red onion.
-1 lemon...grated zest and juiced.
-diced green onion.
-sliced carrots/diced.
-thinly jullienne red pepper.
-fresh asparagus cut in one inch pieces.
-sliced cremini mushrooms.
-pitted calamata olives, quartered.
-crumbled feta cheese.


-marinate chicken breasts over night in olive oil, Italian spices, oregano, chopped basil, garlic, chili pepper seeds(optional), chopped onions, white wine, chopped garlic. Wrap tightly in foil and cook on BBQ until done.

SAUCE:combine butter, white wine, all herbs, chicken broth, chopped veggies, grated lemon zest, juice, olive oil,olives etc in pry pan until cooked.
--Place pasta on plate and top with Chicken breast and top with lots of sauce mixture. Top with crumbled feta and basil and serve !

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