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Spare ribs in Oven by

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Rack of St.Louis style spare ribs
Meat Rub
Liquid Smoke
Apple Juice


Prepare roasting setup. You will need a deep roasting pan and a rack for the pan. Also aluminum foil. Cut enough pieces of aluminum foil to make a tall tent over the roasting pan. Preheat oven to 250.

Use a knife to gently score down the length of the rack of ribs. This breaks the membrane so that the ribs won't curl as they cook. Spread both sides of the ribs generously with meat rub. For meat rub recipe, see my recipe list.

Place ribs on the roasting rack in the pan. If ribs are too long, cut the ribs in half. The liquid that you add to your roasting pan will depend upon the depth of your pan. My pan was about 18 x 12 inches and the roasting rack stood just about a half inch tall. I added 1/4 cup of liquid smoke (it should smell very strongly of liquid smoke), a generous splash of apple juice, and filled up the rest of the pan with water. The water should not touch the ribs. Fold the aluminum foil over the pan into a tent. The foil should not touch the ribs and should prevent as much steam as possible from escaping.

Roast for 4 hours. Remove ribs from oven and smother in BBQ sauce. Dump water out of pan and put ribs back on the rack without foil. Return to oven for 30 minutes. Let ribs sit for 10 minutes under tented foil before serving.

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