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Breakfast Grilled Cheese by

Source: BS in the Kitchen


2 slices of bacon
small russet potato
tbsp flour
Onion powder
Garlic powder
1 egg
(heaping) cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 tbsp chives/green onion (optional)
2 slices french bread
Salt & pepper


1) Place bacon in a pan, turn on heat to medium.
2) While bacon is frying, shred your potato, place between paper towel, pressing out moisture, placing between another fresh sheet of paper towel, until most moisture is removed.
3) Add about a tablespoon flour, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of onion power, and a pinch of garlic powder. Mix into potato, form into patty.
4) Flip your bacon, move to the side of the pan, add hashbrown patty to the center of the pan.
5) While the bacon and hashbrown cook, slice your bread, buttering each outer side.
6) Shred a heaping cup of cheddar cheese.
7) Once bacon is fried to your desired crispness, remove from pan, place on paper towel.
8) Continue cooking hashbrown until browned on both sides.
9) Begin building your sandwich, placing some cheese on the bottom slice, chopped green onion, bacon, then your hashbrown.
10) Add some butter to your pan, add egg, salt & pepper to taste, and cover with lid, cooking until white film forms over your egg yolk.
11) Add bottom half of your grilled cheese to pan, add egg on top of hashbrown, topping with the rest of your cheese.
12) Once bottom slice has browned, gently place top slice on your sandwich, carefully flipping sandwich (trying not to break egg yolk).
13) Cook until bread is browned, remove from pan, slice in half, and serve!

Servings: 1

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