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Fast Food Ramen by


- any ramen packet
- 2 eggs
- Spam or Vienna sausage (any type of leftover protein will do, like rotisserie chicken. Fish balls and whatnot also works.)
- scallions
- cabbage (opt)
- lettuce (opt)
- herbs (mint, cilantro, etc) (opt)


1. Boil water on medium heat. Add the seasoning.
2. Put in the protein first to warm it up if it's cold. It needs to already be cooked before added to the pot.
3. Thinly slice the scallions except for the white part. Cut it into quarter chunks. Add the white part of the scallions to the water.
4. Crack an egg and stir it in.
5. Add the ramen.
6. Poach an egg in the hot water.
7. Once ramen is almost cooked, add the cabbage.
8. Serve with fresh vegetables and herbs.

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