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Spam Fried Rice by


- Spam
- Chinese sausage
- eggs
- cooked rice
- garlic
- scallions
- vegetables (by default: frozen bag of vegetables but change according to preference)
- fish sauce (can substitute for soy sauce)
- black pepper
- onions (optional)
- shallots (optional)


1. Cook rice and set aside.
2. Prep all of the ingredients. Dice the spam, slice the scallions and chinese sausage, and mince the garlic. Make sure the vegetables are defrosted and/or cut up.
[opt] If you want to scramble the eggs into the rice, then crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk in a little bit of fish sauce and black pepper. Add a little bit of scallions and onions if you'd like.
3. Drizzle cooking oil into a wok on medium low heat.
4. Add Chinese sausage. Let it cook for a little bit before adding the vegetables.
5. Add the spam and onions. Let everything come together with a little color.
6. Once everything starts browning and softening, add the shallots. Let that cook for a little.
7. Add the garlic. Let the aroma sit for about 30 seconds then add the cooked rice. You don't want the garlic to burn but you do want the aroma to seep into the rice.
8. Stir and make sure nothing burns. However, you want the Chinese sausage and Spam to be a little crispy and browned; same with the shallots.
9. Add the scallions and seasoning.
10. If you want scrambled eggs, add it before the rice fully cooks and combines with everything in the wok. Make sure there aren't clumps of scrambled eggs and that it's combined with all of the ingredients. Or you can cook easy over eggs at the end and serve them on top of the rice.
11. Serve. Sprinkle with a little black pepper and fresh scallions if you'd like.

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