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Súp Ḅ Viên by


- chicken broth (homemade or canned)
- ḅ viên vietnamese beef meatballs (used in phở)
- scallions
- cilantro
- sugar
- fish sauce
- black pepper
- bánh canh udon noodles


1. Prep the udon noodles according to instructions.
2. Boil equal parts chicken broth and water.
3. While soup is boiling, finely chop scallions and chop ḅ viên into quarters.
4. Once soup starts boiling, add ḅ viên.
5. Season with fish sauce and black pepper to taste. Add a dash of sugar.
6. Turn down the fire and let simmer. Add in scallions.
7. To serve, put udon noodles in a bowl and pour the soup over.

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