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M Xo by


- fried tofu
- bacon, chicken, or beef (any type of protein works)
- m vng tươi fresh refrigerated stir fry noodles
- onion
- carrots
- broccoli
- cabbage
- fish sauce
- garlic


1. If using fresh tofu, cut into small bite size pieces and fry. Set aside on paper towels.
2. Pour cooking oil into a wok.
3. Cook the protein. Add sliced garlic and fish sauce. Black pepper optional.
4. Add carrots and broccoli as it takes a while to cook unless using steamed broccoli and carrots. If so, then add it with the other vegetables later.
5. Add a bit of water into the wok and cover to let soften. Once softened, take off the lid and let excess water evaporate.
6. During this time, add the onions. Let it soften a bit.
7. Add the stir fry noodles. Stir in some fish sauce and black pepper. Season to taste.
8. Once everything is evenly combined, add the cabbage. Let it soften a bit before adding in the cooked tofu.
9. Make sure everything is properly seasoned and well-combined.
10. Serve.

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