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Pumpkin Rice Ball by

Tags: baby, rice


Ingredients for 2kids (can make about 30 balls):

Pumpkin - 1 slice (cut into small cube)
Cauliflower - 3 spoons (chopped)
Fish fillet - 120g (I did slightly marinated the fish with lil soy sauce and sesame oil)
Minced chicken - 2-3 spoons
Cooked rice - 1 medium bowl
Egg - 1
Sesame oil or Vco


1. Place cauliflower, rice and minced chicken in the bowl, on top with fish fillet and pumpkin to steam until pumpkin is soft. Add in the egg and mixed well to steam for another min or until egg well cooked. Add sesame oil or vco and seaweed, mixed them up and make sure pumpkin, fish and minced chicken are all mashed.

2. Steam rice is now ready to shape.

3. I scooped it by spoon and shape it by hand while the rice is still warm-hot.

Enjoy! :)

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