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Vanilla Ice Cream (4 qt. freezer) by


6 Rennet tablets
1/4 cup water

2 cups sugar
2/3 cup brown sugar
2 qt. milk (at least 2%)
1 2/3 cup Milnot or Half & Half
1 cup heavy whipping cream
8 tsp vanilla (imitation) or about half that for real vanilla

Ice cream freezer salt


Dissolve 6 Rennet tablets in 1/4 cup cold water; set aside.
Combine remaining ingredients and heat to lukewarm, Stir in dissolved Rennet tablets. Quickly pour into freezing container. Let stand undisturbed for 10 minutes.

Pack freezer can in crushed ice and allow to cool before freezing (30-40 minutes). This reduces freezing time and assures smooth textured ice cream. In lieu of doing this, leaving mixture in frig for several hours also reduces the freezing time. Run ice cream freezer with 4 parts ice to 1 part ice cream salt, Freeze until dasher is hard to turn or when automatic freezer comes to a stop.

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