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Queso Dip by

In this queso recipe, there are so many bold ingredients to add flavor, so we don’t need to rely on the flour to build flavor. Cornstarch is the answer for a very smooth creamy consistency. It’s also important to mention that block cheese, shredded at home, produces a much better texture than pre-shredded cheese covered in additives to ward off clumping. Once you’ve scalded the half & half (also important for texture) keep the heat down and be patient as you slowly stir in the fresh shredded cheese.


1 tablespoon butter
1 shallot, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1-2 jalapeños, seeded and diced
1 1/2 cups half & half, or evaporated milk
2 chipotle chiles, diced (canned in adobo sauce)
1 tablespoon flour
4 ounce cream cheese, cut into cubes and softened
2 teaspoon yellow mustard
8 ounce smoked cheddar cheese, shredded
4 ounce sharp cheddar cheese, shredded


Place a medium sized pot over medium heat. Add the butter, shallots, garlic and jalapeño. Saute for 3-4 minutes to soften, then add the half & half and chipotle peppers.
Whisk in the cornstarch. Allow the mixture to come to a simmer, so the half & half can scald (not necessary with evaporated milk). Then lower the temperature to medium-low. Next stir in the cream cheese and mustard.
Slowly start adding the shredded cheese. Stir and add by the handful, until the sauce comes together. If you prefer your cheese sauce a little thinner, add an extra splash of half & half. Serve immediately, or keep warm in a slow cooker or fondue pot.

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