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Koinonia Granola by

Source: More With Less Cookbook

Tags: Granola, Koinonia, Microwave


Melt in microwave:
1/2 c. oil
1/2 lb. margarine (cubes)
2 T. molasses
1 T. vanilla
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. honey
1-2 t. salt (optional)

When mixed, let cool slightly and add:
2 lbs. (10 cups) rolled oats
1/2 c. sesame seeds
1 c. chopped nuts
2 c. grape nuts (or substitute)
1 c. wheat germ
1 lb. coconut
1 c. sunflower seeds


Sit thoroughly.
Bake at 350 degrees in shallow pans for 20 to 25 minutes.
Stir every 5 to 7 minutes.
After granola has cooled, add 1 c. raisins or dates.

Variation: Cut the fats and sugars in half and it is still plenty sweet. Substitute bran or something else for the grape nuts.

Note: Buy enough of the dry ingredients in bulk for four batches. Use four Ziploc bags and divide up the ingredients evenly between each bag (so each bag has all the dry ingredients for one batch), then when making a future batch, just mix up the wet ingredients, measure out the oatmeal (if not already in bag), and dump in the Ziploc of dry ingredients.

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