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Crepes by

25-30 minutes makes 12 crepes


Bowl-Wisk-Measuring Cup-Small Frying Pan-Pastry brush-Spatula-Warm plate

1/2cup/55g all-purpose flour
1/2cup/55g Whole-Wheat flour
*or you can add 1cup/100mL of all-purpose flour to make less chunky*
Pinch of Salt
1cup/200mL milk
1/2cup/200mL water
4 tablespoons melted butter


1-Put all the flour and salt in a bowl.Add the eggs and some of the milk and water,whisking them in a little bit at a time.
2-Gradually pour the rest of the milk and water into the mixture,whisking until everything is mixed evenly.
3-Add half the melted butter to the mixer and whisk it again to make the finished batter.Pour it into a measuring cup.
4-Brush a frying pan with melted butter and heat until it sizzles.Then pour in 2 tablespoons of crepe batter.
5-Quickly tilt the pan from side to side,so that the bottom of the pan is covered completely with a thin layer of batter.
6-Cook the crepe for about 1 minute,then flip it over and cook it for 10 mores seconds.Slide it onto a warm plate.
*You can use food coloring and dye your crepe batter*

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