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Ponimato soup by


You will need
5 large potatoes or 8 small
7 small tomatoes or 4 large
3 large onions or 5 small
Optional chicken
Optional 3 stalks of celery
Optional 3 carrots
Optional dough strips
Salt and pepper
Whatever else


Itís ok to leave it for like 30 seconds but no more also keep the pot at a flame of med until told to heighten it
First: get a pot that can hold everything

Second: peel and chop the potatoes this is how you chop them first let them lengthwise and chop lengthwise into three sections second lay them down their length facing you and chop into strips reasonably spaced out

Third: peel the onions by chopping the sides off and cutting it in half from the place where you already cut you should have 2 halfís cut them reasonably spaced out into rings and lay them the butt facing you and cut them into squares from there

Fourth: cut the tomatoes in quarters and then line the quarters up 2 at a time and cut them reasonably

Fifth: put the oil in the med flame pot and then put the onions in and cook them while stirring until very lightly cooked

Sixth: add the tomatoes and wait a little while stirring

Seventh: add the potatoes and then add the water not too Much but enough to submerge the stuff

Optional: add the chopped celery and the chopped carrots

Optional: add the chicken and wait for it to thaw then take it out and chop into reasonably sized squares

Eighth:season and wait until done a good way to tell if itís done is to sample the potato

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