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French omelette (from 4 eggs) by

Tags: favourites, <30minutes

In general this recipe consist of: eggs, some cold meat and several vegetables. Just use whatever you have in the fridge

More photos on flickr.


- eggs: 4 medium
- smoked belly bacon: 30 g
- smoked ham or sausage: 30 g
- onions: 0.5 small
- red sweet peppers: 0.25 medium
- chives: 1 tbsp chopped
- radishes: 2 medium
- salt and pepper


1. Whip eggs with salt and pepper (the more whipper the more fluffy the omelette will be).
2. Cut bacon and ham and fry on the pan.
3. Chop vegetables and add them to meat. Fry them as well. Keep in mind - some vegetables need more time on the pan than others - put chives and radishes 5 minutes after onion and pepper.
4. Pour eggs on the pan and set heat to high (9/9).
5. When the bottom of eggs coagulate and the top starts boiling, lower the heat to small (3/9), cover the pan and wait exactly 10 minutes.

Servings: 1

Nutrition Information (per serving):
Calories 464
Carbohydrates 10

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