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Strawberry mousse by Fuin by

Tags: favourites

It's a decorative strawberry dessert, with two parts tasting a bit different - one is more sweet and the other is more sour.

More photos on flickr.


- strawberries: 500 g
- sugar: 4 tsp
- apples: 0.5 medium
- natural yoghurt: 90 g
- sweet cream 30%: 2 tsp


1. Take 3/4 of strawberries, sugar and yoghurt and blend until smooth.
2. Put it to bowls.
3. The rest 1/4 of strawberries and peeled apple chop or cut in blender into small parts.
4. Put it to bowls in the centre of previous paste.
5. Put sweet cream on top.

Servings: 2

Nutrition Information (per serving):
Calories 166

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