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Pork steak with green (young) pepper by

Tags: favourites, <30minutes, easy

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- pork steaks (lean, with good quality or from young pig): 260 g (2 pieces)
- young green pepper in brine: 2 tbsp
- olive oil, 2 tbsp
- butter: 30 g (2 tbsp)
- vodka: 100 ml
- sour cream 12%: 75 g (5 tbsp)


1. Pound a little the meat (cover it with cling film to not make too much mess in the kitchen). It's mainly to break the structure of meat and not to make it thinner.
2. Crush the pepper with a fork.
3. Put it on the meat and press with fingers (to stick them to the meat).
4. Heat oil and butter on a pan.
5. Put steaks on the pan and add vodka.
6. Heat until the alcohol evaporate. Turn the meat in the meantime. Thanks to the alcohol even only 5 minutes on the pan is enough to make the meat tender.
7. Add cream and heat for another 5 minutes (turn the meat in the meantime again).
8. You can add some more peppers with brine - at your discretion.
9. If the sauce is too watery, put steaks away to some warm place and increase the heat under the sauce.

Serve with potatoes and a lettuce.

Servings: 2

Nutrition Information (per serving):
Calories 600

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