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Rye sourdough for bread by

Bread based on sourdough grows longer than based on yeast and it's not so easy to predict how long will it take. But it tastes much better.

The warmer it is, the faster the sourdough's metabolism is. In room temperature it grows within 3-5 hours and needs to be fed at least once a day. In the fridge it can last without feeding for even 2 weeks.

Store the sourdough in a glass or ceramic container. Be careful with plastic - not everyone is sour resistant.


- wholemeal rye flour (type 2000)
- water


I. Making the sourdough from the scratch:
1. Mix about 4 tbsp of flour with water. It needs to have consistency of sour cream or greek style yoghurt.
2. Put it in the warm place (best about 30C) - in summer on the windowsill, in winter near radiator. But be careful - in 40C it will die!
3. Once or twice a day add 1 tbsp of flour and some water if needed.
4. After 3 - 5 days it should start smelling like apples or cider (it will be a mild smell, not as tangy as an apple vinegar). Then it's ready to use.

II. Multiplying the sourdough:
1. Add 150 ml of water and about 6 tbsp of flour to the sourdough (if prepared for 1 kg bread).
2. Put in a warm place for several hours to let it grow.
3. Use it for preparing the bread (if you multiply the sourdough before making bread, not after).
4. Put the rest to the fridge to put it "asleep".

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