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Pierogi - mom's recipe by

Other fillings in this recipe.


- flour (type 405): 1 kg
- milk mixed with water (50/50): 0.5 l
- butter: 1 tbsp
- salt: a pinch

filling for ruskie:
- fresh cheese: 0.5 kg
- boiled and cooled potatoes: 0.5 kg
- onion
- bacon

filling with meat:
- boiled meat
- buckwheat: a little
- onion
- bacon
- salt, pepper


1. Mix ingredients. Consistency should be like for bread.

Filling for ruskie:
1. Best potatoes are the ones boiled the precious day. But the freshly boiled and cooled down are acceptable as well.
2. Cut and fry bacon with onion.
3. Mash potatoes and mix all ingredients.

Filling for meat with buckwheat:
1. Grind (or chop finely) the meat.
2. Boil buckwheat.
3. Cut and fry bacon with onion.
4. Mix ingredients.

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