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Graham bread roll by

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- water: 130 ml
- milk: 130 ml
- salt: 1 tsp
- sugar or honey: 1.5 tbsp
- Graham flour (type 1850): 340 g
- wheat flour (type 650): 110 g
- olive oil: 1 tbsp
- fresh yeast: 18 g


1. Add all ingredients. Remember to crush the yeast, so it will mix with the flour better.

For baking in the machine:
2. Start program for sandwich bread (No. 5).
3. When the machine notify that it finished mixing, take out the dough and put on a pastry board (covered with flour). From half of the dough form 4 round buns and the other half cover with a cloth. Put the buns to the machine and start baking.
4. When the first 4 buns are ready, form next 4 buns from the rest of the dough and bake them as well.

For baking in the oven:
2. Start program for Leavened Dough (No. 16), or for mixing if that's not available.
3. When the mixing ends, wait some time (about half an hour) to let the dough grow a bit.
4. Put greased paper on the baking tray, sprinkle it with flour, form small balls from the dough, put them on the greased paper and sprinkle again with flour.
5. Bake in 180C for about half an hour.

Servings: 8

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