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Scrumptious fiber-rich bread- fill up while rushing! by

Most of you must have already known that fiber is one of the key factors that aids in a successful weight-loss right? Moreover, even if you arenít in a weight-loss program, you still have to intake abundant amounts of fiber each day (depending on your gender) to have a healthy stomach and lest suffer from constipation. This bread doesnít only have sufficient amount of fiber, itís also scrumptious (that is from my perspective since I came up with this recipe, but hey, it never hurts to try it), and takes only less than 5 minutes to prepare. So if youíre in a rush for school or work, this Ďscrumptious fiber-rich sandwich will be very handy. Nutritional benefits: 1.) Brown bread- rich in fiber than normal bread 2.) Yogurt- a dairy product that aids in digestion. Moreover, if you opt for skimmed or low-fat you are in-taking less to no amount of fat than the usual yogurt


Skimmed or low-fat PLAIN yogurt (full cream yogurt will do too, but it should flavor-less)
2 Brown bread or whole wheat bread
~~~~~~letís get started~~~~


1.) *This procedure is optional. You may do it if you still have time to beat* toast your brown bread til it becomes crispy, but not burnt.
2.) Apply your yogurt to both bread; one side for each.
3.) Keep your bread together, in a way that your yogurt becomes the filling.
4.) Enjoy your sandwich while rushing to school or work
~~~~~~~~yummy right?~~~~~~~

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 1 sandwich

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