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Southwest Chicken Soup by

Tags: #southwestchickensoup

This was a creative dish I threw together one day. Just know that everything is about taste and doesn't need to be exact. It just depends on how it tastes to you.


Marinated chicken from Costco - 2 chicken breasts
Black beans- 1 can
Chili Beans- 1 can
Corn- 1 can
Rotel- 1 can
Red Onion- 1 whole onion
Green Onion- 3 stalks
Bell Pepper- 1/2 of one pepper
Avacado oil-2 teaspoons
Chicken Broth- 16 oz
Water- 32oz
Shredded cheese for topping - optional We used a sprinkle
Taco Seasoning
Cayenne Pepper


Cut up onion,bell pepper and dice chicken. Set chicken aside and saute onion and bell pepper. Add Chicken broth and water. Add all can ingredients. Add chicken, salt, pepper, taco seasoning,cumin and simmer for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Once done serve into a bowl and top with cheese if you desire.

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