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Cake pop by


Stand mixer with mixing bowl and paddle attachment
Disposable cupcake pan
Boxed cake mix plus whatís needed for the cake mix or you can make a homemade cake
Cake pop sticks
Cake pop maker or rubber cake pop maker
Cake pop holder or upside down strainer with parchment paper underneath
Candy melts
Microwaveable glass bowl
Disposable baking sheet
Parchment paper
Sprinkles are optional


Bake cake according box or according to homemade recipe
Once cake is done baking and fully cooled off crumble it into mixing bowl make sure itís crumbled into fine crumbs
Add frosting to cake mix a little bit at a time you want it moist but not to moist or it wonít form into a ball properly.
You can roll the ball by hand or use a cake pop maker.
Chill the cake pops for two hours on a baking sheet in the fridge
Once chilled melt the candy melts according to the package
Dip stick into melted chocolate then gently put it in cake pop
Put cake pop into candy melts donít push to hard
Put cake pops into cake pop holder and refrigerate or freeze until the chocolate hardens if you want to add sprinkles do it while the chocolate is wet

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