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Homemade frozen breakfast sandwiches by


Frying pans
Bowl plus fork if you want scrambled eggs
Fork if you want to cook bacon
Spatula for eggs plus if you want sausage patties or ham
Non stick cooking spray
Plastic wrap and freezer bags
Disposable cookie sheets to cool sandwiches
Liquid eggs or egg of your choice
English muffin
Sliced cheese
Breakfast ham or sausage patties or bacon
If are allergic to eggs or dairy you can just add ham or bacon


Spray pans heat on medium high
Scramble eggs or just do fried eggs if you are allergic to eggs skip this part
Cook eggs until fully done
Cook bacon or what ever else you are adding
Place egg and topping and cheese if you have egg or dairy allergies skip this step
Let cool on baking pans
Once cool wrap in plastic wrap put in freezer bags put in freezer
To heat up wrap in paper towel cook microwave 30 seconds
If still frozen microwave another 30 seconds

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