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Shepherd's Pie by


1 lb. ground beef
2T apple cider vinegar
1T. braggs liquid aminos
1/2 t. ginger, mustard, minced garlic
1/4 t. cinnamon, pepper, thyme
1 head cauliflower
1 t. minced garlic
salt to taste
parsley for garnish


It's basically soy sauce but it isn't made with a lot of the crap that soy sauce is. If you do get it, then you can make a fake worcestershire-like sauce for the ground beef. It's a combination of powdered ginger, mustard, minced garlic, cinnamon, pepper, and apple cider vinegar and Braggs. You use a tablespoon of braggs, 2T vinegar, 1/2t of each of the spices except cinnamon which is 1/4t. Put that in with the beef as well as 1/4t of thyme to flavor it. Once that's done you can put it in a casserole dish. For the mashed potato topping, you steam a head of cauliflower and whip it with 1t minced garlic, salt to taste, and as little water as you can get away with to keep it firm. Pipe or spread the cauliflower topping on the ground beef and bake it just to make a more cohesive casserole, hopefully putting a little crust on the cauliflower topping (this is where I'm still experimenting). Since we don't use flour in the beef or egg in the "potato" topping, it doesn't firm up to serve in slices like regular shepherds pie, but you can still spoon it out.

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