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Chocolate Malt Shake by


2-4 scoops vanilla ice cream

3/4 cup whole milk

2 oz chocolate syrup

3/4-1 oz malt powder

Optional: Whipped cream, cherry, and/or cookies for garnish


Start with 2-4 scoops (your choice) of high quality vanilla ice cream—the denser the better—and place in a blender.
Add your chocolate syrup. If you like it really rich and chocolate-y, add extra.
Next pour in your whole milk. The amount depends on how much ice cream you use, but pour in enough that the ice cream is surrounded, but the top is not covered by milk.
Now add your malt powder.
If using a household blender, alternate between pulsing it and hand mixing. You want to keep the consistency nice and thick. Mix for no more than 1 minute total.
Pour into a glass, add whipped cream, a cherry or some chocolate wafers, and enjoy!

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