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Salad Mediterranean with Tuna by

Tags: Familyrecipes


200g Romanian Lettuce
100g Tuna in oil
120g Tomatoes
4 Hard boiled eggs
80g green beans
60g Black olives
160g Potatoes [or you can use boiled baby potatoes skin and cut in halves]
8g Anchovies fillets
80g Red onions
60ml Salad dressing
Stone baked rolls pr other fresh crusty bread


Blanch the green beans in boiling water, and then cool under running fresh water.
Boil the potatoes in water, and then allow them to cool. Once cool you can remove the potato skins and then cut them into squares.
Slice the tomatoes into wedges and slice the red onions into rings
Wash up the lettuce and then cut it into thick slices to be placed onto a plate.
After placing the sliced lettuce on the plate, neatly layer on the potatoes, tomato wedges, beans, pitted olives, sliced red onions, peeled and quartered boiled egg, and julienne anchovies. Next, drain the tuna and place it evenly over the salad.
Drizzle the salad with dressing and then season it with salt and pepper.
Serve the salad with stone baked bread rolls or pita bread if desire. Serves 4.

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