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Prawn pasta by


- frozen king prawns
- penne
- carrots
- single cream (small)
- nutmeg
- pepper
- garlic granules
- bit of salt
- butter


1. Slice up the carrots
2. Boil them
3. Drain them
4. Put them aside
5. Boil the pasta
6. Melt some butter in a pot
7. Put the bag of frozen prawns in the microwave to cook
8. Drain the pasta
9. Get the bag of prawns out and cut open a corner
10. Drain most of the fluid in the bag down the drain.
Just keep a bit. Like a spoonful.
11. Cut the bag open completely and throw its contents in the pot with melted butter.
12. Let the prawns cook a bit further
13. Throw in the carrots. Stir.
14. Throw in the pasta. Stir.
15. Pour in the cream. Let bubble.
16. Then add to taste garlic granules, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.

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