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Cold process lye soap by


Makes 12 bars in 6-bar silicone mold
3.22 oz lye
7.92 oz distilled water
24 oz lard (olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, etc ...)
1-2 oz essential oils or more
Pulverized oats


1. Measure water on food scale in lye-appointed jar (remember to zero out scale for jar weight before adding water)
2. Measure lye in lye-appointed cup using lye-appointed plastic spoon
3. Wear long sleeves, gloves, eye protection
4. Pour lye into the water in the lye-appointed jar.
5. Mix with lye-appointed metal spoon.
6. Let jar sit for 10-20 min to cool. Put in ice bath to cool faster after. If you donít wait long enough, jar will crack
7. Meanwhile, measure out lard in bucket. Melt lard if needed
8. After lye water cools completely, pour into bucket with lard
9. Blend with hand blender until you achieve trace (Trailings of soap stay on the surface of your soap mixture when lightly drizzled from a few inches above it)
10. Stir in essential oils, oats, dyes and/or dried flowers/herbs (work quickly before soap starts setting)
11. Pour into soap molds (add more add-ins on top if you want), let sit for 1-3 days until hardened enough to remove from molds
12. Cut if necessary, then dry on rack in well ventilated, cool place for 4-6+ weeks

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