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Turkey Bacon Grilled Cheese by



2 pieces of bread
2 pieces of turkey bacon(optional you can use real bacon or any type of bacon that you like.)
1/2 cup of cheese
Stuff that you will need:
Frying pan
spatula (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
pam (spray)


1. Put pam on the pan.
2. Turn on the stove to high or to medium.
3. Butter each side of 2 pieces of bread.
4. Put the two slices of bread that are buttered on the pan.Flip over with the spatula when butter is melted on the side that is facing you if the bread isnt thick if it is then just flip it over after 30 seconds/.
5. Now after you flip over the bread, wait for about 30 to 45 secs.
6. Take the bread off of the pan and put them on a plate.
7 Now put the cheese on the pan. DONT WORRY if you used pam it wont stick.
8 Now put one of the pices of turkey bacon or two pieces of the pan is big enough and let them stay on the pan until you see little bubbles then flip over until their is some burnt parts on the bacomn
9. if the cheese has a ring of brown on it on the edges then pick it up with the spatula and put it on one of the pieces of bread.
10. now flip over the piece(s) of bacon and wait for 45 secs then flip it over. and then wait 45 seconds then flip and keep on flipping until some parts are burned.
12. Turn off the stove and fold the two pieces of bacon in half and put both of them on the cheese. Put on the 2nd piece of bread and then there you go you have a delicious sandwitch.

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