Pork (minced): Gołąbki (polish cabbage rolls) by varchar

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For 13 rolls (about 4-6 servings): - savoy cabbage: outer leaves (I used 13 for rolls + 4 for coating) - minced meat: 1 kg - rice: 360 g (2 small glasses) uncooked - butter: 0.5 tbsp - onion: 2 medium - spices: salt, pepper, paprika - bullion / stock: 0.5 l Sauce: - sugar: 2 tbsp - tomato: 1 medium - red belly pepper: 1 medium - onion: 1 medium - spices: salt, pepper, oregano, italian mix


1. Rinse the rice and boil it in salted water with butter.
2. Gently remove the cabbage leaves from hearth. For every leaf: on the outer side cut off a part of the main vein to reduce its thickness.
3. Pour leaves with boiling water and soak for few minutes until they are flexible enough to roll. Be careful and don't soak them for too long.
4. Cool the rice down (or rinse it in cold water). Mix with meat, chopped onion and spices.
5. Take 2 ovenproof dishes. On the bottom of each put 1 leaf.
6. For every leaf: put a portion of stuffing on the upper part of the leaf (which is most flexible) and roll tight.
7. Fit rolls tightly inside the ovenproof dishes.
8. Pour them with bullion and add as much water as needed to cover them.
9. Cover rolls with the rest 2 leaves - it will prevent them from drying.
10. Heat the oven to 180C. Bake for 1.5 h with forced air circulation.
11. If rolls weren't fully covered in the bullion, then turn them in the middle of baking.

1. Put the sugar on the pan and melt it.
2. Blend tomato, pepper and onion. Add spices and pour to the melted sugar.
3. Mix thoroughly, cover and cook for at least half an hour. If needed add some water.