Egg Nog - Mom by bobodoll

Source: Carolyn Falter

Mom always made this recipe for Christmas. It wasn't Christmas without her egg nog.


2 cups sugar 12 egg yolks 1 tsp salt 1 gallon whole milk, scalded 1/4 tsp salt 12 egg whites 1 cup sugar 2 tsp vanilla


Custard: Beat 2 cups sugar into egg yolks. Add 1 tsp salt. Stir in the scalded milk into egg mixture. Cook in double boiler over low heat, until mixture just coats metal spoon (15-20 mins). Stirring constantly. Cool.

In a separate bowl, add dash of salt to the egg whites, beat till stiff. Add remaining 1 cup sugar, beat well. Add to custard with vanilla. Mix thoroughly and chill 4 hours or longer.

Sprinkle with nutmeg on top of each cup of egg nog, if desired.

Mom would make the custard ahead of time, then when ready to serve, make the sugar/egg white portion and finish recipe.