Pasta by Khtqkc


1 & 1/4 C. 00 flour 1/2 t salt 1/2 T olive oil 2 eggs, room temp


Mix dry
Mix wet
Wet to dry in stand mixer
Knead 8+ min til done. Add water 1 t at a time if too crumbly and knead by hand
Rest 1 hr room temp or up to 2 days in fridge

Bring to room temp before using

Cut in 4ths, put through once on level 8
Fold in thirds, put in sideways on level 8. After level 7, cut into rectangle and knead excess and add to resting dough
Put through 2x on each setting, lightly flour in between. Consider cutting sheet in half around setting 4

Makes 20-30 ravs; 6 nests of 1-inch pappardelle; 1 square lasagna

Ravs: form filling into ovals. Wet half of strip. Fold strip on to itself long ways. Cut with pizza cutter. Seal, pushing out air. Fork crimp. Cut excess. Toss in flour