spinach salad with warm bacon dressing by 649128856

Source: stolen from a visit to mosimos

we ordered this at a place in fremont called mosimos. it was amazing. I think this recipe does a pretty decent job of recreating it. alton brown has a similar recipe, but he uses red wine vinegar and a couple of eggs too.


6 - 8 pieces of bacon chopped into bite size pieces. 1 bag o spinache leaves. malt vinegar. 3 packets of splenda. 1 thick slice of red onion 1 Tsp mustard


cook bacon up leaving most of the oil in the pan.
remove bacon.
add 3 tsp of malt vinegar
and a diced slice of red oion
cook until onion starts getting soft.
add mustard.
add splenda / sugar
add bacon back to the pan
add the spinach
toss until the spinach is covered and beginning to wilt.

EAT IT NOW! - this must be prepared and served immediately - you can get it ready to go earlier, but when you toss that spinach in, it's time to be at the table ready to eat.

Servings: 4 Serving Size: 1 cup