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how to cook a steak indoors in the oven by

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Ever wonder how to cook a New York Strip? During winter you can try cooking a steak indoors in the oven without a grill and Mark Kranenburg will show you the process of preparing a steak in the oven in this episode of Steak University TV.


4 servings

1. 2 pic 2% USDA prime Tomahawk Ribeyes Steak From Chicago steak Company
2.Chicago Steak Company Steak Seasoning olive oil
4. Grilling Stand


This video is sponsored by Chicago Steak Company. Steak University is dedicated to teaching you how to cook the Ultimate Steak Experience.
Hi, Iím Mark from Steak University TV. If youíre like many Americans and donít have access to a grill or the weather is not so great and you still want steak, I am going to show you how to have the Ultimate Steak Experience using your oven. The first step is just like preparing any steak. You bring in your steak out of the refrigerator, onto the counter, letting it bloom for about half an hour. Then open it out the package, dry your steak off, get it all prepped for that delicious steak seasoning-Chicago Steak seasoning, of course. Put a nice thick crust of steak seasoning on top there. I like to get right in there and just press it right into the meat. Flip your steaks over-nice thick coating- press it into your meat. Once weíre all coated up grab yourself a baking sheet and cooling rack, something to use to cool cookies on your counter. Drop it in there. Take your steaks, place them on there. What thatís going to do is itís going to allow the heat to come down, hit the tray and get right underneath and cook it evenly throughout. The way a broiler works is it boils the heat down from the top of your oven. Thatís why we use the cookie rack to lift the meat up just a little bit so it cooks it even throughout. So, what Iíve done is Iíve started my broiler just to heat that oven up just a little bit. Heat it up for 4 or 5 minutes is all you need. Oven open, throw your steak in. I put it in for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes weíll throw a thermometer in and see where we gotta go.

All right, here we go. 6 minutes is up; take a look at those beautiful steaks. What Iím going to do is stick my thermometer in the side of steak, never stick it in the top of the steak. Weíre sitting at about 100 there so that tells me itís going to take about three more minutes. So what I do is give it a flip- see we have a little bit of a grill line. Put it on a new spot on the grill. Take your steak, throw it back in.
Oh yeah! Got that nice crust going on. This one we got it at about 140. It should be looking about medium. This one here is about 135 so this oneís about to be about medium rare. Look at that piece of art. Take it; look at all those juices thereÖperfect. Thatís why I love using the thermometerÖno messiní up. Donít forget to let the steaks sit for 5 minutes just to let those juices reabsorb into the steak. I like to cut my steak up. Just to add a little bit of color get some greens. Little bit of olive oil and, of course, salt.
See, there you go. You donít have to have a grill to have an amazing steak. Mm, thatís good. Bon appťtit! So, thatís how you broil the Ultimate Steak Experience. Iím Mark from Steak University TV. Donít forget to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and weíll see you next time.
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