Homemade wheat-rye bread by varchar

A recipe for 1 kg bread made in bread machine.

The proportions for rye, wholemeal wheat and wheat flours can differ. In total it have to be 600 g.

More oil will make the bread last longer. Add only 1 tbsp if it will be eaten within 1-2 days, 2 tbsp if it will have to last 4 or more days.

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- water: 300 ml - salt: 1 tbsp - olive oil: 1-2 tbsp - rye sourdough: 250 g - rye flour (type 720): 100 g - wholemeal wheat flour (type 2000): 100 g - wheat flour (type 650): 400 g


1. Add all ingredients.
2. Start program for Leavened Dough (No. 16), or for mixing if that's not available.
3. When the mixing ends, remove spatulas - so the holes in bread will be smaller.
4. Wait about 3 - 4 hours and start program for 1 hour baking (No. 15). The best result is when the dough is still growing when the baking starts. Every sourdough needs a bit different time, so your first bread may fall down (if baking started too late) or break on the top (if baking started half an hour too early) or almost not grow at all (if baking started much too early).

Servings: 11 Serving Size: 100 g

Nutrition Information (per serving):
Calories 250