Sweet Potato Sliders by Madeleine Skorcz

Easier if they are open, do not add the second potato slice on top. Also made with grilled chicken and balsamic instead of turkey and BBQ sauce. http://fitmencook.com/superman-hero-sweet-potato-slider-melts/


200g (4 x 50g) sweet potato cut into thick pieces 6oz turkey lunch meat 1 slice mozzarella cheese small handful of spinach 2 Roma tomato slices 2 tsp BBQ sauce


Set oven to 375F.
Slice a sweet potato into 4 thick pieces to make the buns of the sliders.
Cut the slice of mozzarella cheese into 4 pieces.
On one sweet potato slice, add spinach, 1 tomato slice, 3oz turkey meat, 2 mozzarella cheese pieces, 1 tsp BBQ sauce.
Top with the other sweet potato slice and jam a wooden kabob skewer all the way through the entire slider so that it pierces the sweet bun below.
Repeat for the other slider.
Place them on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 375F or until the sweet potato is cooked to desired firmness/softness. I prefer them to be firm so that you can hold it like a slider.
Allow the sliders to cool before eating.