Butter Beer (Harry Potter) by Madpuppy


1 20oz ice cold cream soda IBC Jar of Caramel Syrup Imitation butter flavor Heavy whipping cream Powdered sugar


Step 1: base
Pour cream soda into a glass to be served
Squirt a little bit of Carmel syrup into the glass
Then just put a dab of imitation butter flavor
Then whisk that together to form the base.

Step 2: beer foam
In a large mixing bowl
Add 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream
Then add 1 table spoon of powdered sugar
2 table spoons of caramel syrup
Then mix this together until itís whipped
Should be enough foam to make 2 or 3 butter beers

Step 3:
Spoon the foam into the cup until itís got a nice
Round mound at the top and swirl more caramel
Syrup over the top. Serve