Seasoned Cornmeal. by Gretelw

This s very simple yet unbelievably delicious dish, you can even use left over boiled dumplings(slice in halves then fry) instead of the biscuits, you have to try this.


1 cup Cornmeal 1 tsp salt 1 small onion 1 stalk Escallion 1 small tomato (optional) 1 glove garlic 1/2 small sweet pepper (preferably green) chopped thype 2 tbsp spoon vegetable oil pepper to taste powder seasoning (optional) salted biscuit water


1. Prepare cornmeal with cornmeal porridge method, add salt in boiling water.
2.When cornmeal is almost finished cooking, heat skillet then add vegetable oil,
3. Add onions, ecallions,tomato,garlic,sweet pepper (diced method), after oil is fully heated, stir on till all ingredients are tender.
4. Combine powder seasoning and pepper to the ingredients in skillet; stir. Reduce heat let simmer-this will allow the oil to gain all the flavors.
5.Remove cornmeal mixture from stove,pour into skillet, adjust heat to maximum (to reduce liquid),stir quickly with a solid spoon/ a long wooden spoon.This will reduce possible burns from from the splash of cornmeal.
6. Allow cornmeal to simmer entirely taste then add salt/ pepper if needed, serve on top of biscuits.